Monday, September 10, 2012


Life takes many twists and turns.  Because of loss of lease, The Tearoom In Milford is looking for a new location. 

Thanks to all of you my wonderful friends and customers that made being in Milford so much fun.  I'm taking a long needed vacation and am keeping my eyes open for a new location.

Keep watching here for an update and the latest news.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Historic Downtown Milford Hosts "Paint Out" by Ohio In Plein Air Society -- Wet Paint Sale -- At Day End

This coming Saturday, Artists will be setting up their canvases all throughout Historic Downtown Milford and painting local shops and areas. At the end of the day, the works of art will be available for purchase in the Bank parking lot across from the Sugar Cupcakery.

It will be so interesting to see how The Tea Room will be painted. 

Ride your bike or take a walk to Milford's Main Street this Saturday to enjoy this artisan adventure.  Stop by The Tea Room for a spot of tea, some freshly baked scones, an English Tea Plate, or a homemade dessert.

Friday, June 22, 2012

-----Going To The Tea Room And Making New Friends---- ****Go Hand In Hand!****

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea from Loose Leaf Tea

Lunch Tea Plate 
 A few days ago I had the pleasure of talking with Brenda, Donna, and (daughter) Peri (don't you just love that name?) as they enjoyed their "Full Afternoon Tea".  I met Brenda and Donna a month or so ago when they came to The Tea Room's  first "Tea Tasting" event. There are just not more lovely and sincere people than them!   My iphone didn't cooperate and give me some clear pictures or I would have shared.   Today I went to visit the tea room to deliver a few more menus (funny how those teapot shaped menus disappear!) and I just got there in time to enjoy a Lunch Tea Plate of my own with a few of Cheryl's lovely friends, Lisa and Sharon.  Sharon is a long time friend  and I understand she and Cheryl traipsed across Europe together before they started their families.   And then I met Lisa who is a new friend of Cheryl's and is now The Tea Room's new jewelry artist who has a lovely assortment of her creations in Cheryl's budding Gift Shop (more to come about that!).  We all sat down with Cheryl for an impromptu lunch.  Such a nice time!   And I could never have done it unless I had met Cheryl that one day when I was at the Mercantile (antique shop) down the street and Cheryl came in looking for teapots for her new tea room.  We started talking and well, here I am two years later still helping out wih a quiver full of new friends and the joy of writing all about it on this blog!    Tea rooms were enormously popular in the first half of the 20th century.  Their history is nearly forgotten, but it is a facinating aspect of women's history.  Most were managed or owned by women.  Milford's tea room is owned by Cheryl who has a great gift of cooking and dreaming up her next soup, sweet, or sandwich to offer.  She makes them all made fresh in small batches and from scratch. 
So call that long time friend,
or a new friend you just met and make a reservation. 
You won't be disappointed!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Graduation Party---The Tea Room Style!


The Tea Room's dining room was all decked out for a very special graduation party on Saturday.  Kate graduated from The Ohio State University summa cum laude--so her family threw her a little celebration. 
The Tea Room's owner, Cheryl,  with the help of her wonderful team, Diane and Bonnie,  beautifully decorated The Tea Room's quaint and intimate dining room.  Fresh Peonies, Pink Roses and Hydrangia adorned the tables in vintage tins.  Guests mingled and were greeted with offers of freshly brewed and then iced Youthberry Tea. 

Mint leaf and carefully crafted sweet  watermelon flowers highlighted the  fresh fruit salad that brought the party to their tables followed by tiered presentations of  delicious hors d'oeuvres and finger sandwiches.  After a family presentation to the graduate and a specifically altered "graduation speech" written by the family for the graduate, the afternoon ended perfectly with The Tea Rooms steaming spiced tea paired with a moist and light white cake topped with buttercream icing. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

End Of School Year Celebration

Mother (Moira--lovely irish name I just learned) and daughter (Kate) spending time together over dainty delectibles at The Tea Room--celebrating the end of another school year.  Kate will be going into the eighth grade this coming fall.   They have visited before and we are so glad to see them again.  Boy how time flies and how quickly our children grow nice for Moira and Kate to take time to be together. Priceless!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not Even Scotland, Ireland, England, or Wales!

What a surprise to meet this amazing and PRETTY PRETTY lady, Joyce, outside The Tea Room near lunch time today. (I was helping the owner of The Tea Room, Cheryl, who was taking care of a party. The Tea Room is not normally open on Tuesday except for Reservations and Parties.)  Joyce told me she had been to The Tea Room before and had really enjoyed our scones.  In fact she told me about a month long trip that she had taken just a short few months ago to Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales.  What she told me next just made my day.  Joyce conducted a test while away---tasting scones in each of the countries.  Joyce then told me, "No scones were as good as the scones she had tasted at The Tea Room!"  I've always known that Cheryl was an excellent cook and scone baker and this now confirms it more than ever for me.  Thanks for the wonderful sentiment Joyce and it was certainly so nice to meet you.  I hope we see you again soon.